Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Myth vs. Fact: Common Home-Selling Misconceptions Debunked

When faced with the overwhelming task of trying to sell their homes, many people rely on the advice of family and friends, or gather ideas from TV shows and other sources. As a result, myths and misconceptions surround the home-selling process, causing many homeowners to have erroneous ideas of the best ways to market their homes and prepare for a successful sale Have you heard any of these common myths about selling your home? Test your knowledge! Myth: Repainting is easy, so buyers won’t be deterred by a home’s paint colors. Fact: It can be difficult for many buyers to see past paint colors they find unappealing—particularly if those colors are bold, unconventional, or do not showcase the home in its best light. When your home is on the market, consider painting rooms in neutral hues, such as taupe or pale gray. Colors like these will help prospective buyers envision themselves living in the home and tend to look better in online photos. Myth: You have a better chance of successfully selling your home during the spring than other times of the year. Fact: Although spring has long enjoyed a reputation as the most favorable time of year at which to attempt to sell your home, many factors can impact the market in your area. Here in Arizona, we see an increase in buyers during the winter months because of the influx of snowbird that come down to get away for the winter cold. Another example, if your home tends to appeal to buyers who are parents due to a great local school system, you may have increased interest during the summer or when kids are on school breaks throughout the year. If you want to know more I will offer the most reliable insight on the current and projected market conditions in your area. Myth: If your home well-maintained, you don’t need to enlist the help of a professional stager. Fact: Staging has surged in popularity over the years, leading many buyers to grow accustomed to seeing homes that have been staged for maximum appeal. Even if your home is clean, updated, and well-maintained, working with a professional stager could be instrumental in securing a quick sale. Stagers have various methods of easily highlighting your home’s best features and downplaying its less desirable ones. For example, they may move furniture to make a room look larger, remove blinds to showcase a nice view or hide personal items that could interfere with how buyers see the property. Myth: Major renovations, particularly on the kitchen and bathrooms, will yield the greatest return on investment. Fact: A common real estate mantra holds true that kitchen and bath remodel deliver the strongest resale value. As a result, many buyers mistakenly believe that gutting these rooms and outfitting them with the latest design trends will enable them to sell their homes at a much higher price. In reality, most sellers do not recover the cost of extensive home improvements. Decluttering- organizing- and some staging is your best bet! Applying a fresh coat of paint, Dressing up your curb appeal,and making other minor, relatively inexpensive changes are more likely to yield a positive return and make your home move to pending much quicker, as you have to win the beauty and the price contest to win the buyer. Want to know more contact me via text or a call at 480-570-1912 to help with the process or visit my website at www.AzSellsHomes.com