Thursday, April 14, 2016

Celebrating Earth Day

Almost everyone today shows some concern about what the inhabitants of Earth can do to keep the planet clean and livable. Because each of us is only one person, there are no large-scale projects we can do, but if we all do something that may seem small, our combined efforts will help to keep our planet viable. A few things we can do: 

  • Plant a tree. Over time, a single tree can improve the environment in a large area around it. So planting a tree makes a lot of sense today. 
  • Learn about recycling. It's all about disposing of waste materials in a productive way. It's one of the best ideas for making the earth green forever. The impact of a landfill can harm the Earth as it continues to grow, so take recycling seriously.
  • Develop a better cleaning strategy. Most people don't have one. Your own cleaning plans might involve using natural products like vinegar for cleaning at home. Your home will be a nice place when it's free of dust and odors.
  • Check for a wide selection of cleaning products that can be used in various ways. They use ingredients like lemon, lavender and baking soda. Outdoors, chemicals can seep into the air and the ground, which could damage the environment.

For about 35 years, The Green Team at Gardener's Supply ( has been a trusted resource for earth-friendly products. They help people garden in harmony with nature.

The Green Team has earth-friendly products that help people recycle waste into compost, build better soil, control pests organically, conserve water, protect biodiversity and grow their own food.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring cleaning tips

Once the chill is out of the air and the trees begin to bloom and Spring training starts for Baseball--I always feel there is some cleaning  to be done!

Here is a great chart from Good House Keeping that lines up when you should do what...

I love it for the simple fact that they break it up in easy to do chores.

If you are in the middle of cleaning and realize your home doesn't fit your needs any more, Please give me a call and we can talk about your options and how I can help you find just the right home for you again!

Or go to to see what is out there to buyer or what your competition is in your neighborhood.