Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Great Checklist to Buying a Home

It’s important to do as much research when you can when you’re preparing to buy a home. And while it’s necessary to read up on everything you can before you begin searching, it’s also important to have a quick-to-access home buyer’s checklist. I’ve listed all of the key things you will want to look out for and ask about while you are house-hunting, so be sure to print this out or pull it up on your smart phone – to guarantee you cover everything you need to assure you find the perfect home!

Step One: The Home
Here is everything you will want to look over and ask about for each house that you look at:
·         Square footage
·         Number of bedrooms
·         Number of full baths
·         Number of half-baths
·         Condition of walls (interior)
·         Closet/storage space
·         Kitchen storage space
·         Basement –if applicable
·         Fireplace
·         Cable TV/Internet
·         Exterior appearance (condition of outdoor walls, overall appearance)
·         Front and back lawn areas
·         Deck/porch/patio?
·         Fence
·         Garage
·         Windows/screens
·         Age and condition of roof
·         Cost of utilities

Step Two: The Neighborhood—(this would be where the Buyer Advisory would help a lot) 
Here is everything you’ll want to ask about, look into, and research about the neighborhood you move into:
·         Appearance/condition of neighboring homes
·         Safety
·         Noise level
·         Traffic issues
·         Kid-friendly? Average number of children per residence?
·         Parking
·         Police
·         Fire Protection
·         Pet restrictions
·         Parks/recreational facilities
·         Trash removal
·         Insurance fees for home

Step Three: Schools
If you have children or are looking to start a family in the next few years, here are the things you’ll want to check for in relation to education:
·         Age/condition of schools and buildings
·         Reputation of school district
·         Test scores of current students
·         Quality of teachers and educators
·         Private school locations (if you’d prefer private school)
·         Play areas/playgrounds
·         Class sizes
·         Curriculum
·         School safety
·         Step Four: Community

It’s important to live in an area where you not only love your house, but you feel at home in the community. Here are some things you’ll want to ask about:

·         Schools
·         Religious community centers (churches/synagogues/etc)
·         Shopping centers/grocery stories
·         Proximity to your place of employment
·         Hospitals
·         Doctor and dentist locations/quality
·         Parks and recreation
·         Restaurants
·         Entertainment (movie theaters, shopping malls, etc)
·         Airport
·         Proximity to highways

·         Public transportation – bus? metro?

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Heath care for small business owners the ins and outs...

Well, Completely off topic- but this seems to be in the minds of most everyone I talk with and  since no one really knows what the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means to them, I thought I would share this bit of information I came across.  Hopefully it will help! 

Snippet from the article:

If you are a human being in the United States, chances are you know about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, do you really know about the ACA? Strange as it might sound, as a Realtor or other small business owner working in the industry, it is important that you do.
There is a large amount of diversity when it comes to the employment situations of those working in the mortgage and real estate sectors. Some are self-employed, some work for small or large companies, and some people run those companies. The ACA affects all of these people in dramatically different ways. Let’s look at just what this law means in all of those situations.

 For the rest of the article-