Friday, September 15, 2017

Thinking of Selling Your Mesa Home? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Thinking of Selling Your Mesa Home
Homeowners have any number of reasons for selling their homes including the real estate market trends (especially if you’re a real estate investor), life changes like death, divorce, growing family, or empty nest, and relocation. Whatever your reason, Beery Realty is here to help you in the process of selling your home.

Home Inspection

By having a home inspection conducted, it serves two purposes. The first is to anticipate buyer requests that could impact the negotiated sale price. The second is to repair or replace items that are potential safety issues.
  • Repairing plumbing leaks and associated damage adds value to your home and the buyer appreciates not having to make those repairs themselves. 
  • If the roof needs to be repaired, you may choose to take care of it yourself but if it needs to be replaced, you may negotiate that into the price for the buyer. 
  • Landscape, drainage, and irrigation issues may also be remedied prior to putting your home on the market as these add to the curb appeal. 
Even if you choose to make no changes, a home inspection report gives insight for what may need to be done as part of the sale of your home.

Home Warranty
Want to give yourself and your buyer peace of mind? Extend your home warranty through the listing period and give the buyer a one year warranty as part of the purchase.

While it doesn’t cover everything, a home warranty means that if an appliance needs repair in the first year they own the home, they can get it fixed for a fee that’s likely smaller than if they didn’t have the warranty. It shows good faith from you, the seller, and could give you the edge in a tight real estate market.


Buyers don’t want to see your family photos and clutter. They should walk into your home and picture themselves eating dinner or gathering with friends, not staring at your summer vacation pictures. While photos are great, staging your home for sale could be the single most beneficial way you can help get top value for your beloved family home. Not only that, but clutter, including in the garage, makes the home seem smaller than it might actually be.

Not sure how to stage your home? I’d love to recommend someone to you!

Marketing Your Home for Sale

Along the lines of staging is how we at Beery Realty market your home. It’s not as simple as posting a sign in the front yard and waiting for the buyer. Once the home is decluttered and staged, we will have showings at recommended days and times that also fit your lifestyle; the more people we can show, the more likely we find a buyer.

The Beery Realty team works on your behalf to guide you through the process of selling your home including marketing to the right buyer so that you can focus on transitioning to your new home.