Monday, January 9, 2017

4 Ways to De-Clutter- Going Back to Basics

At some point in our lives many of us have had to move. Whether it’s from mom and dad’s house to our first apartment or from a home where we raised our children to a smaller home. It can be heartbreaking to part with items that we’ve hung on to just to de-clutter for the next move but we’ve got to do it.  But it is always an easier way to do it from year to year, so Starting this year why not try de-cluttering your home to give it new life and perhaps you will fall back in love with it? 

Here are my De-Cluttering 101 Tips:
1.     Organize. Designate four empty bins where you will put items to keep, throw away, give away, or recycle. There is no “maybe” pile. [You can have a “sell” pile if you have a plan to sell the items such on eBay or at a yard sale. Once the sale is over, you must get rid of unsold items.]
2.     Go slowly. Start with the refrigerator then a closet or drawer per day. Place each item in one of the four designated bins. No cheating except items that you need to keep in the fridge. Everything has a place.
3.     Stop buying. You can’t de-clutter if you’re bringing in more items, especially if you’re moving to a smaller home.
4.     Storage boxes don’t equal de-cluttering. When I was a kid, I considered my room clean if all of the stuff on the floor was shoved into my closet. My parents didn’t agree and as an adult I can see their point. Putting stuff in a closet or into boxes – or renting a storage space - isn’t de-cluttering. It’s just putting clutter in a new place. You’ve got to open the boxes and start throwing away, giving away, selling, or recycling.
5.     Everything has a purpose. Don’t keep things that you’re not using. Each item has to serve a purpose. Good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in a year- you don’t need it! Keep extra bedding for when company visits but give away books that you’ve already read.
For some of us, stuff isn’t just stuff. De-cluttering can be a stressful time filled with emotions. I often think of it as a new beginning rather than an ending especially when sorting through sentimental items. Ask a friend or family member to help, take time to do it right and it will be the breath of fresh air you just might have needed, or hire a professional organizer to help you as a gift to you for the New Year.

If you’re de-cluttering and your stuff just won't fit any more and you decide you need a new place to call home, the team at Beery Realty is here to help! Contact me and we can get you started on the right path.

 480-570-1912 is my direct line/email or on the Web at will allow you to see what is available on the actual MLS just click “Map Search”.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016 is ending and I use this time to reflect and plan for the new year

"There is an ebb and flow in business and in life--it is like the wind-- you can either let it blow you over or you can lean into it and keep on moving!"
In looking back at the year, I like to note;
  • 10 Highlights- accomplishments, best memories, proud of moments
  • 10 Disappointments- Failures, missed opportunities, things I learned from
  • 3 Game changers-unexpected events that shifted my priorities
  • 3 Things I focused on/ did I get results I wanted- What I put my the most time into.
  • 3 Things I forget to do-- just didn't get around to doing
Now that I have all this information gathered- What will the next year's plan look like?

There will be a few new things for me one of which is my new website;
"Beery" Good Realtor- website
But mostly it is going to be a year or tweaking what I already have in place, and refining systems to build on. For this year is my year to reach for the stars!!

I want to help you reach for your stars, so if you are thinking of buying or selling a home, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know how I can help! I believe we can change the world one good deed at a time if everyone pays it forward!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 3rd Quarter Arizona Real Estate Results (yes a bit late, but better done, than sorry)

Click the link for the full report--

Median home sales-$236,900 + 7.7%  Average homes sales-$285,735 +5.9%  Average days on the market- 49

Median home sales$171,000 + 8.6% Average home sales-$183,233 + 8.1% Average days on market- 60

All data from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Powered by ShowingTime

Monday, September 26, 2016

Buying a New Construction Home Shouldn’t Be Scary…and Here’s Why

Just driving around the valley I am sure you have noticed all the new homes being constructed-- just waiting for you and your family to call home. There are a few things you need to know about buying a new built. Some good and some bad-- but if you know what you are getting into and you have dome all your research, brought a REALTOR to view the homes before you pick the one you would like to buy and you’ve weighed all the options and decided a new construction home is right for you. Now you want to find the perfect builder for your dream home. 

Congratulations! It’s a great undertaking – and a great reward – to walk into you own brand new house and make it home. The process to get from meeting builders to that moment can be stressful which is why we recommend working with a real estate agent.
The good news is that you don’t have to deal with negotiating with a seller like you might with a previously owned home. The Most Important Step you can take is having your REALTOR go with you at the first viewing of the show homes, and don't sign in without them.  Doing so is waiving your rights to be represented...As nice as the agents in the new build are--they are representing the builder, and have no fiduciary to you.   that is the easiest way to be sure the project goes smoothly!  At Beery Realty we think buying a new construction home shouldn’t be scary.
·       Research Builders. You’ve decided to build a home from the ground up, it’s essential to learn about the builders before selecting one. Working with a real estate agent who is familiar with new construction, you can identify reliable builders in the area and select one that best meets your needs.

·       Real Estate Agent. Bring a real estate agent with you to your initial visit at the builder’s location. If you don’t, you risk not being able to have an agent with you for the home building and buying process. That may seem not very important, but think about it, do you want the builder's agent to represent your interest, or do you want someone on your side?  I know I would want someone on my side concerned for what is best for me. 

·       Negotiating. There’s a fair amount of negotiating that happens when you’re working with a builder. An experienced real estate agent, like Beery Realty, can help you negotiate a fair price for the base home plus upgrades. I recommend selecting the essentials for your home first, then upgrades. You will have a better understanding of costs and your budget. Remember, you still have to furnish and add personal touches to the home after it’s built so you don’t want to spend all of your house savings on the build.

·       Get it in writing. Once you’ve negotiated a contract with a builder, get the agreement in writing. There’s way too much risk to build a home from a handshake deal or a promise to send a contract later. If the builder won’t put your deal in writing, walk away. There’s a better builder out there for you.

·       Inspection. When you build a home, you have the unique opportunity to inspect the home at various levels of construction. Be sure the builder understands and allows this to happen. Have an inspection of the home completed after the foundation is poured, after framing is completed (and before the drywall goes up), before cabinetry is installed, and a final inspection. This will protect your asset and ensure your home is built to code.

If you’re ready to start the process of building your own home,  the team at Beery Realty is here to help! If you want more information--Contact me at 480-570-1912 or go to my website at  

Monday, September 5, 2016

This is the home you have been looking for in Chandler Arizona 85249!

UPDATE: So Proud to say- We had 8 showing the first day on the market and seller accepted an offer for above full price! This home just hit the market... $210,000 will make this beauty yours...

This home will make a great starter home, or perfect for the folks on the go! With 3 bedrooms+den/office & 2.5 baths 2 car garage it has everything you are looking for! It includes all kitchen appliances and washer/dryer. What a great layout- with a great room concept but also a formal living room/music room. It also boasts a finished- low maintenance backyard to enjoy the Arizona sunsets. HOA takes care of the front landscaping. Located with easy access to shopping- (San Tan Mall or Chandler Fashion mall), schools, hospitals, and entertainment galore. Your will be so glad you came by to check this one out!

For more information contact me- or

for lots more details and pictures click here