Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Thinking about buying a second home? Here’s what you should consider.

buying a second home in Mesa, Queen Creek, Gilbert
You’ve worked hard and are close to retiring. You and your spouse would love nothing more than to have a home in the sunny part of the country at least part of the year. Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa are perfect places to consider when buying a second home but don’t rush the decision. Take time to hire the right real estate agent, review your financial situation, and learn about the market before signing on the line.

Financial Plan
Before you look at housing inventory and mortgage rates, consider your financial plan, including short and long term goals. It might seem like a great idea to have a retirement home in Chandler but can you afford it? It’s worth a conversation with your financial advisor and tax professional. Things to consider include:
  • When do you plan to retire?
  • How much have you saved toward retirement?
  • Do you have a mortgage on your first home?
  • If yes, when will it be paid off?
  • What is your debt payoff plan for consumer and student loan debt?
The answers to these (and other questions) will guide your decision to buy a second home. Once you’re comfortable and ready, you can begin the process to hire a real estate agent in the market where you want to live, get pre-qualified for a mortgage, and start looking at available homes.

Market and Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates have been low for a long time but they’re not going to stay low forever.

Rates for a second mortgage may be slightly higher so if you’re planning to carry a loan on two properties, consider the cost. You may choose to wait until the first home is paid or it may not make a big enough difference to matter.

Also consider why you’re buying a second home. If you want the option to rent it out, the added income can impact your taxes in the form of rental income, insurance rates, interest rates, and homeowners’ association fees so understand what you’re getting into before you buy.

HOA Rules

Before selecting the perfect condo or patio home to use as a part-time residence, understand your rights and responsibilities especially if the property is part of an HOA. There are HOAs that have strict policies about using properties as rentals or having long-term visitors so if you’re planning on renting or would like the option, make sure it’s approved by the HOA.

It’s also good to understand what the fee covers. Some cover front yard maintenance while others leave it to the owners to maintain. If you have to hire someone for lawn and/or pool maintenance, figure that into the cost of upkeep for the home.

In general, it’s a good idea to keep about 10% of the cost of the home in reserve for repairs and wear and tear on items like heating and air conditioning, plumbing, roof, and pool and landscape maintenance.

If you’re ready to get started with your purchase of a second home, call Beery Realty at 480-570-1912!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Fore! Top East Valley Golf Course Communities

East Valley Golf Course Communities
Whether you’re in the East Valley year round or part-time, you’re sure to take advantage of the beauty, weather, and golf courses available in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and beyond. Dust off the golf clubs and come with me for a tour of the best east valley golf course communities where, in addition to golf, you can enjoy amenities like on-site restaurants, tennis courts, walking paths, and easy access to freeways and other attractions.

Alta Mesa

Located in the heart of East Mesa near McKellips and Higley Roads, the community offers a members-only golf club, family-friendly Alta Mesa Park with lighted basketball and sand volleyball courts, playgrounds, and horseshoes, and schools for all ages.

The Alta Mesa Golf Courts is an 18-hole championship course designed by Dick Phelps. The 160 acre course is 7,093 yards and includes eight lakes and a restaurant with outdoor patio overlooking the ninth and eighteenth greens.

Dobson Ranch

If you’re looking for a family-friendly neighborhood near schools, restaurants, and freeways that includes the Dobson Ranch Golf Course, this is the place for you. Built in the late 1970’s, Dobson Ranch is making a post-recession comeback with newly renovated homes, townhouses, and apartments. While many have pools, you may choose to have one without and can take advantage of the pools at the community centers.

Community centers also include tennis courts and space to rent for events. There’s always something to do in or around Dobson Ranch in Mesa, AZ, so if your family is active and looking to be near Tempe, Chandler, and Gilbert, this is a great option for you.

Villages at Queen Creek

It wasn’t long ago that Queen Creek was that far off town where hardly anyone lived. Now it is a bustling area that includes parks, schools, restaurants, golf course, and city lifestyle without the traffic and noise. Located at Ellsworth and Ocotillo Roads, the Villages at Queen Creek is a master planned community of more than 1,500 homes ranging from 1,000-4,000 square feet.

Meandering through this community Las Colinas Golf Course offers golfers at all levels some of the best views of the San Tan Mountains. Stay on the course and keep an eye out for desert wildlife! The on-site restaurant offers a place for golfers to meet, eat, and discuss their game.
In addition to the golf course, the Villages at Queen Creek offers families an open greenbelt, community pool, parks, and schools for all ages making it a sought after community for couples and growing families.

Western Skies

Located near Warner and Val Vista Roads in Gilbert, AZ, just a few minutes from US 60 and SR 202, Western Skies provides safety, security, and activities for residents of all ages.

Whether you’re seeking to downsize or support a growing family, the Western Skies community offers golf, Gilbert public, churches, and two airports within a 20-minute drive. This is especially appealing to travelers who want access to Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix as well as Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in nearby Mesa.

The Western Skies Golf Club offers views of the Superstition Mountains and is a great course whether you’re a beginner or novice golfer. If you want to have fun on a newly renovated course and enjoy drinks and a meal at Mulligans, this is the community for you!

Superstition Springs

Often called one of the Valley’s best kept secrets, Superstition Springs Golf Club offers the private club experience at a public golf course. Located in the heart of Mesa near Power and Baseline Roads, just a few minutes from the US 60, this course offers an expansive practice facility that includes PGA teachers, full-service golf shop, dining, and banquet venues, making it a popular place for golfers and non-golfers alike.

Fountain of the Sun (55+)

This might be a 55+ community but they’ve made a change to the golf course. It’s worth noting the course is no longer members-only and is open to the public. If that matters to you, consider looking elsewhere, but we think it’s definitely worth a look!

Located near the US 60 and SR 202 in Mesa, Fountain of the Sun offers residents amenities including swimming pool, pickle ball court, shuffleboard court, billiard room, horseshoes, cards, library, fitness and community rooms. There’s always something to do here!

Encanterra Country Club by Trilogy (55+)

Are you seeking a retirement community that includes the members-only country club lifestyle without being too far from friends and family? Encanterra Country Club by Trilogy is the place for you!

Located in San Tan Valley, formerly Queen Creek, the Encanterra community offers all-ages as well as a 55+ community. Amenities at the country club are open to all and includes three swimming pools, fitness center, tennis and pickle ball courts, dining options, event venue, and 18-hole par 72 private golf course designed by Tom Lehman.

Whether you’re looking to be close to the freeways in Mesa and Gilbert or off the beaten path a little bit out in Queen Creek or San Tan Valley, there’s an east valley golf course community for you! 

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Thinking of Selling Your Mesa Home? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Thinking of Selling Your Mesa Home
Homeowners have any number of reasons for selling their homes including the real estate market trends (especially if you’re a real estate investor), life changes like death, divorce, growing family, or empty nest, and relocation. Whatever your reason, Beery Realty is here to help you in the process of selling your home.

Home Inspection

By having a home inspection conducted, it serves two purposes. The first is to anticipate buyer requests that could impact the negotiated sale price. The second is to repair or replace items that are potential safety issues.
  • Repairing plumbing leaks and associated damage adds value to your home and the buyer appreciates not having to make those repairs themselves. 
  • If the roof needs to be repaired, you may choose to take care of it yourself but if it needs to be replaced, you may negotiate that into the price for the buyer. 
  • Landscape, drainage, and irrigation issues may also be remedied prior to putting your home on the market as these add to the curb appeal. 
Even if you choose to make no changes, a home inspection report gives insight for what may need to be done as part of the sale of your home.

Home Warranty
Want to give yourself and your buyer peace of mind? Extend your home warranty through the listing period and give the buyer a one year warranty as part of the purchase.

While it doesn’t cover everything, a home warranty means that if an appliance needs repair in the first year they own the home, they can get it fixed for a fee that’s likely smaller than if they didn’t have the warranty. It shows good faith from you, the seller, and could give you the edge in a tight real estate market.


Buyers don’t want to see your family photos and clutter. They should walk into your home and picture themselves eating dinner or gathering with friends, not staring at your summer vacation pictures. While photos are great, staging your home for sale could be the single most beneficial way you can help get top value for your beloved family home. Not only that, but clutter, including in the garage, makes the home seem smaller than it might actually be.

Not sure how to stage your home? I’d love to recommend someone to you!

Marketing Your Home for Sale

Along the lines of staging is how we at Beery Realty market your home. It’s not as simple as posting a sign in the front yard and waiting for the buyer. Once the home is decluttered and staged, we will have showings at recommended days and times that also fit your lifestyle; the more people we can show, the more likely we find a buyer.

The Beery Realty team works on your behalf to guide you through the process of selling your home including marketing to the right buyer so that you can focus on transitioning to your new home.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What happens when your housing needs change? (Tips for Listing Your Home)

listing your home

Life happens. Families grow, children leave the nest, and parents need home care. If your housing needs are changing, it’s time to consider listing your home and looking for a place better suited to your lifestyle. Do any of these sound like you?
  • You’re expecting your second child and your starter home is a two-bedroom condo that won’t fit your family once the baby is born. 
  • You’ve raised your family and it’s time to retire but you’re not sure where to start when it comes to downsizing and finding a 55+ community.
  • The family is grown but your son, daughter-in-law and toddler need a place to stay to get back on their financial footing after job loss. 
  • Your dad can’t live on his own anymore but he’s not ready for assisted living or your preference is to care for him in your home.
If any of these ring true, it’s time to call Beery Realty. Let’s talk about what it takes to list your home and get ready for your new phase of life.

Over time we accumulate stuff. Whether it’s baby clothes and toys the kids have outgrown, crafting supplies, collectibles, or boxes of you’ve-moved-this-so-many-times-you’re-not-sure-what’s-in-it, there’s a fair amount of decluttering that needs to happen before we can list and here’s why.

Buyers want to see the possibility of living in your home, not the footprint of your family. They want to envision where their stuff will go, not where you’ve put yours, and they want to see there’s room for their car in the garage, not your stacks of boxes.

Think of the process as making space for the new buyer and not getting rid of memories. It’s not an easy task but the reward is in being able to call a new place home for you and your loved ones. Rent storage space for the most valued items and discard, donate, or give away everything else.

As you’re doing legwork at home, we’re preparing a listing including a price that reflects the value of your home in the current real estate market but it’s more than a price tag. With your help in making the home look buyer-ready, we’re also preparing your home to be marketed to buyers.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to listing your home, we’re here to help! Call Beery Realty today at 480-570-1912.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Myth vs. Fact: Common Home-Selling Misconceptions Debunked

When faced with the overwhelming task of trying to sell their homes, many people rely on the advice of family and friends, or gather ideas from TV shows and other sources. As a result, myths and misconceptions surround the home-selling process, causing many homeowners to have erroneous ideas of the best ways to market their homes and prepare for a successful sale Have you heard any of these common myths about selling your home? Test your knowledge! Myth: Repainting is easy, so buyers won’t be deterred by a home’s paint colors. Fact: It can be difficult for many buyers to see past paint colors they find unappealing—particularly if those colors are bold, unconventional, or do not showcase the home in its best light. When your home is on the market, consider painting rooms in neutral hues, such as taupe or pale gray. Colors like these will help prospective buyers envision themselves living in the home and tend to look better in online photos. Myth: You have a better chance of successfully selling your home during the spring than other times of the year. Fact: Although spring has long enjoyed a reputation as the most favorable time of year at which to attempt to sell your home, many factors can impact the market in your area. Here in Arizona, we see an increase in buyers during the winter months because of the influx of snowbird that come down to get away for the winter cold. Another example, if your home tends to appeal to buyers who are parents due to a great local school system, you may have increased interest during the summer or when kids are on school breaks throughout the year. If you want to know more I will offer the most reliable insight on the current and projected market conditions in your area. Myth: If your home well-maintained, you don’t need to enlist the help of a professional stager. Fact: Staging has surged in popularity over the years, leading many buyers to grow accustomed to seeing homes that have been staged for maximum appeal. Even if your home is clean, updated, and well-maintained, working with a professional stager could be instrumental in securing a quick sale. Stagers have various methods of easily highlighting your home’s best features and downplaying its less desirable ones. For example, they may move furniture to make a room look larger, remove blinds to showcase a nice view or hide personal items that could interfere with how buyers see the property. Myth: Major renovations, particularly on the kitchen and bathrooms, will yield the greatest return on investment. Fact: A common real estate mantra holds true that kitchen and bath remodel deliver the strongest resale value. As a result, many buyers mistakenly believe that gutting these rooms and outfitting them with the latest design trends will enable them to sell their homes at a much higher price. In reality, most sellers do not recover the cost of extensive home improvements. Decluttering- organizing- and some staging is your best bet! Applying a fresh coat of paint, Dressing up your curb appeal,and making other minor, relatively inexpensive changes are more likely to yield a positive return and make your home move to pending much quicker, as you have to win the beauty and the price contest to win the buyer. Want to know more contact me via text or a call at 480-570-1912 to help with the process or visit my website at www.AzSellsHomes.com