Monday, May 9, 2016

5 Tips for Finding a Home for Your Growing Family

With Summer just around the corner are you thinking of buying a home for your growing family? There are a few things to consider. What features mean the most to you? Maybe you need all the bedrooms on one floor or prefer a one-story home. What’s your budget? What part of the Phoenix area do you want to be? Answering all of the questions can get overwhelming which is why I offer the following tips:

 Buy a home with resale in mind. Families are transient here in the Phoenix area with many residents hailing from other cities and towns across the nation, making it important to think about reselling your home. For example, a kitchen and bathroom remodel could cost a lot of money but you may need to do it to sell your home at a good price.

Schools. Even if your children are young now, think about where you would want them to attend school. You wouldn’t have to move just to get into a better school district. Also, when you resell your home, the value may be different depending on the school district.

Location. More than likely you want to be close to family and friends and in an area that has good restaurants or kid-friendly activities. Consider your commute to work also. You don’t want to spend your life in the car, whether it’s a work commute or to see loved ones.

 Budget. It is my goal to get you in a house with most, if not all, of the features you want while also staying within your pre-approved mortgage amount. that is why it is so important to talk with a lender and get pre- qualified- before you go out looking.  

Floor plan. Consider how your family uses your home. Do you need an open floor plan to see kids from the kitchen? Do you need all the bedrooms on one floor? Perhaps you want your teens to have their very own space…Do you need a pool or are you aware of the cost of a pool, so a community pool will fit your needs better? This will help your real estate agent search for properties that are a good fit for you and your growing family.

I absolutely love to match the right home to your family and your needs.  To put you on the right path to a solid financial future is always my goal…no matter if your need this home for a few years or a few decades! 

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