Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three Nonprofits Join to Transform Vacant REOs into Future Residences

Here is great news for the communities that have homes that are in disrepair.  Three nonprofits are working together toward an effort to rehabilitate vacant REO properties and support home ownership. Rebuilding Together, NeighborWorks America, and the National Community Stabilization Trust are committing to a three-year partnership to turn vacant and dilapidated properties into affordable homes in the communities they serve.

They will be gathering data, training and educating in the first phase, the second phase will be acquiring properties and rehabilitating them, then will come the listing and selling of these properties...all in a 3 year time span.

The non-profits will have different ways to do this at their disposal, based on the needs of the community.

Rebuilding Together is a nonprofit working to preserve affordable home ownership and revitalize neighborhoods by providing extensive rehabilitation and modification services to those in need at no cost to those served.
NeighborWorksAmerica creates opportunities for people to improve their lives and strengthen their communities by providing access to homeownership and to safe and affordable rental housing.
The National Community Stabilization Trust is a nonprofit organization that was created to help revitalize neighborhoods affected by the foreclosure crisis. Formed in 2008, Stabilization Trust builds the capacity of state and local governments, and community-based housing organizations to acquire, manage, rehab, and sell foreclosed properties.

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