Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Calling all Sellers....Investors are getting their hands on many of the homes in the Valley of the Sun- competition is again the name of the game!

  •  Office and home rent will continue to rise, according to MSNBC
    Bottom Line - Office and home rent will keep rising and rising
      Paying rent is getting more painful for renters across the country in the face of rising demand and tight supply. Both the commercial and residential real estate markets are seeing increases, and more are expected in the months and years to come. Office construction starts were a …
    Very interesting, Investors are speculators, the more they see this trend, the more an average home buyer will have to compete with investors to purchase a home. 48% of sales have been cash as the trend shows in 4th Qtr 2011...there is a demand for homes out on the market- just not enough inventory to quench the need!
     So if you are thinking of selling, please let me know-I can help!  Go to my website at www.AzSells for more information about what I can do to help. and if you want to know figures to see if it would be worth selling your home to move up to a better home, go to it will generate a report, automatically giving you a general guideline of what your home is worth, and what it may be worth in a few years.  Armed with this information you should be able to determine if Selling is a good idea!  
    Feel Free to call or email if you have any questions...