Friday, August 19, 2011

Golf course Home in Mesa

 Wow there are so many golf courses in Mesa Arizona. That means there are a lot of homes on a golf course.  There are perks to living on a golf course and there is a down side.  If considering purchasing a home you might want to consider some of these. 

Down Side

·         You must sign a waiver, that any damage to your home is your cost to repair not the company/HOA’s that own the golf course, they have no liability. 

·         You home insurance will be more costly.

·         Privacy, if you like your privacy- on the golf course is not for you.


·         Your playground is in your back yard

·         Most times there is beautiful grass to look at and you didn’t have to mow it.

·         Higher property values than the rest of the community.

I have a great list of homes on the golf course in Mesa please see my website at   one in particular I want to point to is

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Take Care,
Elaine Beery